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Kaiser Permanente founded the world's first and leading integrated health model and has been caring for employees and managing health care costs this way for over 70 years.

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  • Streamlining process: Doctors can focus on medicine instead of running a practice, which streamlines care and reduces medical errors and waste.
  • Reducing duplication: Doctors order only the tests your employees need to reduce duplication and lower overall costs.
  • Maximizing technology: Caregivers can pull up your employee's entire medical history, including lab test results. Tests aren't repeated unless necessary, further minimizing costs.


  • Maintaining care: Your employees get timely preventive care with scheduled vaccinations and health screenings to help avoid or minimize costly chronic conditions and treatments.

In our integrated model, care teams are united for a single purpose—better health. Your employees receive better care that's more efficient—which means healthier outcomes for them and lower costs for you. Look at the advantages built into our approach.

  • Better cost efficiency — Aon Hewitt reported for the sixth year in a row that we're the most cost-efficient plan in the Mid-Atlantic States Region—15% more cost-effective than the average HMO and 17% more cost-effective than the all-plan average.1
  • Healthier employees — Primary care physicians and specialists can view each other's treatment notes in real time via the member's electronic medical record. This allows for a thorough and accurate exchange of information, which can help keep members healthier.
  • Fewer unnecessary tests reduce costs — Our physicians are 46% less likely to repeat tests or procedures than physicians at other large practices.2

The current health care system can vary in the quality of available doctors. That's why we're selective about the doctors we hire. Working with one of our physicians, your employees get an advocate who empowers them to play an active role in their health.

  • Dependable access to great doctors — Every one of our physicians are board-certified/board-eligible and goes through a rigorous selection process before we allow them to care for your employees. On a scale of 1 to 10, more of our members rate their doctor a 9 or 10 than any other health plan in the area.1
  • Wider choice — With more than 1,500 Kaiser Permanente physicians across our program, we have one of the area's largest medical groups—so your employees can quickly select a primary care physician at any time.
  • Culturally competent care — Using our Find a Doctor tool, members can view information such as languages, gender, culture, specialty, education, credentials, and even the doctor's personal statement. That makes it easier to connect with the physician they feel most comfortable with.
  • Ensuring consistent care — Across all Kaiser Permanente regions, our doctors have created one of the world's largest, most inclusive electronic medical libraries, available only to our caregivers.
  • Respected by fellow physicians — Many Kaiser Permanente Medical Group physicians have held posts with prestigious organizations like the National Quality Forum, Pacific Business Group on Health, and The Joint Commission. Several of our physicians have served as national policy advisors for Congress.

Business coalitions, health care advocacy groups, and the media have consistently recognized Kaiser Permanente as a national leader in prevention, best-in-class care, cost-efficiency, and innovation. An article in The New York Times noted, "When people talk about the future of health care, Kaiser Permanente is often the model they have in mind."1


  • Most cost-effective and highest quality — The 2014 Hewitt Health Value Initiative™ showed that Kaiser Permanente plans in the Mid-Atlantic States Region outperformed other plans in clinical quality, scoring 85% better than the average HMO and 265% better than the all-plan average.2


  • Innovation leadership — A Harvard Business Review article described how Kaiser Permanente is leading the industry in designing better ways of delivering care. According to the article, Kaiser Permanente "takes innovative approaches to innovation itself."3
  • Best performance — According to an article in The Economist, Kaiser Permanente is "the best-performing health-care outfit in the regions it covers" by many clinical measures and "has come up with some world-beating innovations." As the magazine put it, "The success of Kaiser Permanente, an integrated American health-care firm, offers lessons for insurers and hospitals at home and abroad."4
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