Good care where and when you want
Telehealth and virtual visits2 put the Kaiser Permanente network in the palm of every employee’s hand. From checkups to urgent care, prescription refills to behavioral health counseling, telehealth lets you get your care on your terms. This digital access drives efficiencies, lowering costs for you and your employees.
Peace of mind with mental health and wellness
Kaiser Permanente provides a complete spectrum of treatment and support for a wide range of mental health needs. Cut the red tape — no referral needed. Help your employees address anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and more.
Care that keeps you and your business healthy
Joining the leading health system of the Mid-Atlantic1 means your care comes from a network of over 1,700 physicians all working together to help your employees receive the best care possible and to stretch your budget as far as possible.
See how integrated care can help you