Invest in health

Invest in Health

How improved employee health enhances your business

Leveraging the power of employee health helps support, protect and enhance your business. Kaiser Permanente helps you give your employees what they need to stay on top of their health: access to great doctors, effective health programs, and convenient online tools.

By creating a workplace environment that values health-related objectives such as preventive care, you help employees make healthy lifestyle choices—which lowers their risk of chronic conditions without increasing your premiums.

With workforce health programs from Kaiser Permanente, you can protect your business from the rising costs of health care. And when you combine your medical and wellness strategies with one provider, it makes it easier for your employees to make long-term health changes, so you’ll get the highest return.

  • Give your employees the power to manage their healthKaiser Permanente provides your employees with online tools at no additional cost to communicate with healthcare providers, manage prescriptions, and receive reminders about appointments.
  • Wellness in the workplace — As a healthcare partner committed to encouraging healthy lifestyles, we offer small businesses the resources to start and maintain wellness programs as part of their corporate culture.
  • Healthier employees — Physician follow-up is a proven factor for motivating employees to stick with healthy lifestyle programs.1 When members participate in our workforce health programs, their progress is included in their electronic medical record, so they can get the support they need to stay healthy long after they complete the program.

Employees engaged in their health and satisfied with their health care will help your business—and save you money. They take fewer sick days. They’re more productive. And they’re less likely to leave their job. Unplanned absences alone cost nearly 9% of payroll, while replacing a mid-level employee costs you 150% of their annual salary.1 Helping employees to engage in their health is an investment that pays for itself.

  • More convenient health care — Employees have 24/7 phone access to advice nurses, with providers offering email and televideo visits for certain conditions.
  • Fewer sick days — Our team approach puts members at the center and helps them proactively manage their care so they’re healthier, at work, and more productive.
  • Fewer office visits — Employees save time and money by getting primary care, specialty care, lab, pharmacy, and many other services under one roof.
  • Easier access to health care online — In 2015, Kaiser Permanente members viewed 40.5 million lab test results, sent 22.3 million emails to their caregivers, refilled 19.3 million prescriptions and scheduled 4.7 million appointments online using My Health Manager.2
  • Built-in health advice and programs — Disease management programs, health education, and nurse advice are part of your plan, so employees get consistent health information from one source.

Kaiser Permanente has been committed to improving the health of people working and living in the communities we serve for over 65 years, with our efforts going beyond the walls of our facilities. As a non-profit health plan, the impact we make touches the lives of thousands of individuals and families across the country.

You can be confident that we'll be a reliable healthcare partner who shares your commitment to affordable care, safe communities, and healthy employees that help your business excel.

  • Investing in our communities — Across all Kaiser Permanente regions, in 2014 alone we invested nearly $2.1 billion in community benefit programs and provided $81 million in grants and donations to support communities in need.1
  • Fighting obesity — We partnered with the Institute of Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and HBO to produce and broadcast for free, The Weight of the Nation, one of the largest obesity awareness campaigns in the country.
  • Making fresh, local food more available — We host farmers markets at some of our medical centers for visitors and community members to easily access fresh, sustainable, locally sourced fruits and vegetables.
12015 Community Benefit Report, Kaiser Permanente, 2015.

Our industry-leading electronic health record system — Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect®—makes it easy to deliver reports that go beyond what standard providers can offer:

  • Comprehensive information available in real time — Every one of the providers in Kaiser Permanente medical centers, and our physicians located in our premier hospitals use the same electronic health record system. Paper records are no longer used to treat patients.
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