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Team-driven innovation: Meet Najam Fasihi, MD

Orthopedist Najam Fasihi, MD, former army surgeon and sports medicine physician to professional athletes, brings a wealth of surgical expertise to the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG) – and a passion for tailoring his approach to each patient.

In this Q&A, learn how his patients inspire him to achieve his best so they can achieve theirs.

Where did you train and gain experience early in your career?

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be educated and train in some of the best hospitals in both the military and civilian world. After completing my orthopedic surgery training at the combined program between Texas Tech and Fort Bliss in Texas, I was stationed in Landstuhl, Germany with the army. There, I rose through the ranks to become the Chief of the Orthopedic Service. I oversaw care for all U.S. service members injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. For six months, I was the Chief of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation in a combat support hospital at the Marine Corps Base Camp Dwyer in Afghanistan. Following my army career, I enrolled in an extra year of training in orthopedic sports medicine at Harvard’s Brigham and Women Hospital in Boston.

“Treating the war-wounded was a very different experience than when treating professional and collegiate athletes. Taking care of the broad spectrum of injuries – whether from the battlefield or the soccer field – has made me well rounded and comfortable in any situation.”

What made you choose to practice at MAPMG?

“At MAPMG, all providers are on the same team and not in competition. It’s very similar to the military where we all have the same mission. The integrated care, teamwork, and collegiality are what makes MAPMG special. Through the electronic medical records (EMR), we have immediate access to a patient’s complete information. Knowing their history before the appointment elevates the level of care I can give in the allotted time.

“From physical therapy referrals, to advanced imaging, MAPMG’s EMR and integrated care system helps me to effortlessly coordinate care for my patients, which allows them to coast through the process of evaluation, treatment, and recovery.”

What are the most innovative things happening in your field? How is MAPMG on the cutting edge?

“In sports medicine, surgeries are becoming increasingly minimally invasive. The incisions are smaller, techniques are less disruptive to the native tissue, and we are able to do more with less incision and less pain. This means patients go home sooner, start physical therapy quicker, and recover faster. For example, when it comes to hip preservation surgery, we have access to the latest equipment and excellent support staff at our surgery center, allowing me to perform cutting edge, minimally invasive hip arthroscopy to preserve hip function and avoid hip replacement surgery.”

As a busy physician, what keeps you driven? What keeps you balanced?

“What motivates me is always evolving. When I was a Boy Scout, and then an Eagle Scout, I enjoyed the focus on emergency preparedness, first aid, and prevention of injury. In high school, I really excelled in the sciences, and appreciated how it pertained to my own body. As I started to participate more in sports and exercise I wanted to understand more about human anatomy and physiology.

“Early in my medical career, it was very rewarding to take what I’ve learned and experienced and use it on a daily basis to help people. The feedback I receive from patients continues to drive me. There’s nothing better than seeing patients who are happy with what we accomplished together.

“Now what motivates me is trying to find that balance between my passion for helping others and spending quality time with my amazing wife and three precious kids. When I go home, the real work begins – trying to manage multiple sports practices, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts.”

Learn more about Dr. Fasihi and his background, education, credentials, and more.

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