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Commitment to care excellence: Cancer care

If you have cancer, you’re still in control of your life and have choices about your care.

We believe there is no better place to fight cancer than with Kaiser Permanente. Our expert doctors and responsive care teams are skilled at a comprehensive range of treatments and can help you make choices about your care that are right for you and your family. We’re committed to caring for the whole you — body, mind, and spirit — at every point in your treatment.

When you bring together our team of experts, our comprehensive services, and one-of-a kind patient experience, you have the foundation of cancer care that everyone deserves. Battling cancer is burden enough, which is why we remove a lot of typical insurance processes and financial hurdles so you can focus on your treatments and getting better.

What makes the way we deliver care superb?

Better prevention

The best defense against cancer is a healthy lifestyle and, we believe, having a great partner in health – Kaiser Permanente.

Better detection

Screening early is key to catching cancer, and other diseases and illnesses, at a state where treatments are less invasive and cure rates are higher.

Better treatment

While you’re in treatment for cancer, we offer outstanding and cutting-edge care. Your treatments are personalized, and you and your family are important and active participants in all decisions.

Better outcomes

Cancer care is a team endeavor. That is why we not only bring a 360-degree approach to the cancer care itself, but provide an extensive infrastructure that surrounds your treatment and provides the best outcomes.


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