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A new approach to emergency medicine: Meet Nelsson Becerra, MD

For Nelsson Becerra, MD, acute care shouldn’t be disconnected from a patient’s regular medical care. To provide a seamless patient experience, an emergency medical physician should be able to communicate with a patient’s primary care physician and specialists – and that’s exactly what he’s able to do at MAPMG. No other health system offers this kind of connected care.

In this Q&A, learn more about Dr. Becerra, including his passion for connected care and a seamless, convenient patient experience.

What does care mean to you as a physician, and how did that guide your decision to work at MAPMG?

“I strive to create a deeper impact when providing care for my patients. I think the most important thing is the patient experience – especially in an acute care setting, where that care isn’t scheduled. While primary care providers have a more long-term relationship with the patient, I have to establish comfort and trust in a short amount of time. Being bilingual helps me do that when I encounter a Spanish speaking patient; I’m better equipped to establish that trust.

“At MAPMG, I’m able to not only establish trust during an acute care visit, but I’m also able to establish definitive and appropriate follow-up care for the patient. For example, if a patient needs to see a specialist, I’m able to make an appointment with one of my specialist colleagues for the member at their convenience – sometimes for the very next day.

“Plus, we give members multiple ways to communicate with urgent care physicians and specialists through secure messaging, video visits, and email. I think all these things provide patients with both outstanding care and convenience.”

What are the most interesting things happening in medicine right now?

“Telemedicine is making care even more convenient. For example, I had a college student who was a long-time member and was calling me for advice. She was mind-boggled that she had been a member for such a long time and wasn’t aware that she could talk to us while she was away at school. I was able to give her advice and refill her medication. She couldn’t believe it. Creating that experience with that member is something that is going to encourage them to come back for more virtual care visits.

“Our electronic medical records are also constantly evolving to make things more convenient for both patients and physicians. If I evaluate someone in the our urgent care for a clot in his lung and see a lung nodule on the CAT scan, I will document it and message the primary care provider who will rapidly schedule follow-up care. Communicating what is important from my urgent care encounter with other clinicians is very important. That’s the core of what creates the collaborative effort at MAPMG.”

As a busy physician, what keeps you driven? What keeps you balanced?

“The thing that drove me the most was having great mentors. Back in college, I worked as a clinical interpreter at a Baja, California clinic run by emergency medicine residents. I was also able to go to an emergency medicine conference as a college student – even before going to medical school – and the vibe I got from that conference really solidified my decision to pursue medicine.

“When I’m not treating patients, I love music. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 15. I grew up in Los Angeles, so I skateboarded and surfed growing up, and now I get to share that with my four children. My wife is also a huge support for me. MAPMG allows me to not only provide exceptional care, but to have a balanced life with my family.”

Learn more about Dr. Becerra, including his background, education, credentials, and more.

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